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Printing with .icc Profiles in Adobe Photoshops CS2

  1. Select Print with Preview from the File menu.
  2. Select Page Setup and choose the appropriate printer, paper size, and orientation. After confirming the settings, click OK and return to the Print Preview dialog.
  3. Select the More Options button on the lower right corner of the Print Preview dialog box and choose Color Management from the drop down menu.
  4. Set the Print option to Document.
  5. In the Options dialog, make the following selections: Select Let Photoshop Determine Colors for the Color Handling option. Choose the profile that matches your printer/ink/paper combination from the drop down menu. (MOAB Entrada Bright 4800 for example)
  6. Select the Perceptual or Relative as the rendering intent. **Please use the Relative Rendering intent if you are using our Slickrock Metallic paper**
  7. Select Black Point Compensation.
  8. Windows Users: Select the Print... option, and Apple Users: Select the Advanced Settings option, and (optional) Save your settings as a preset so that they are accessible the next time they are needed. When using presets, it is still important to check each specific setting to ensure consistency in your workflow.
  9. Select Print.