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  • Are sample packs available of Moab products?Yes, we offer a couple different sampler options with a couple sheets of paper for testing purposes. Simply do a search in the Moab store for sample or visit your local authorized reseller to purchase.
  • What is Moabitis?Moabitis (MOW-ab-EYE-tis) is a visually-born disease caused by the stimulating effects of using, holding, or seeing a photographic print on Moab paper, or being exposed to the Moab culture or geography. There are no known cures, but treatment of the systems is accomplished through further exposure to Moab. Those infected are also referred to as Moabites, or the more violent Moabsters.
  • Can I do multimedia work with your papers?Yes. Some of our products like Entrada Rag are perfect for multimedia work. You'll want to experiment with your materials, but we've seen combination of inkjet and watercolor, drawing, pastels, prismacolor and other color pencil, printmaking, and pigment. You're really only limited by your imagination to try new things.
  • Do you custom cut paper?Yes, we provide custom cutting when workloads permit. For cost and turnaround time information, please contact us with your job details.
  • Any suggestions on the best way to feed cut sheets of canvas through my printer?Here is a quick rundown of some ideas if you are wanting to print on cut sheets of canvas, such as our Moab Anasazi Canvas:

    1) With the adjustable paper guide in place, slightly back off the guide about 1/4 of an inch away from the canvas. This allows the printer to wiggle the media into place.

    2) Be sure to use the recommended paper path for canvas on your printer. Most printers do not allow you to use bulk, or cassette paper paths. Most printers require you to use a manual one-at-a-time feeding process.

    3) Be sure to use the correct media type in your printer driver, in addition to icc profile. The media type instructs the printer to accept the proper thickness for the media, as well as it instructs the printer on how much ink to place on the media.

  • How many prints can one can of Desert Varnish cover?We're asked this question quite often so I locked myself in a well-ventilated room and discovered one can of Desert Varnish spray will cover about 55-60 prints sized 8.5"x11" or A4.
  • How do you apply Moab Desert Varnish Spray?Using Desert Varnish Spray on Matte Surface requires time, patience and a light touch with the aerosol spray can.

    During the whole process make sure you give the media the white glove treatment and only handle media with white cotton gloves to prevent oil from your fingers penetrating the media.

    Use your test prints to see the effects of the lacquer on your image’s, because it will increase the dynamic range of your colors and densities of your blacks, but it will not change the surface of your media, meaning Matte will remain Matte and Glossy will remain Glossy.

    To start using Desert Varnish, SHAKE WELL so that the lacquer is thoroughly mixed up after sitting on the shelf.  And you should be in a well ventilated area when using any aerosol spray.  Our product is CFC Free.

    When using a 100% Cotton Rag Digital Media such as the Entrada Rag, it is recommended you apply 3 light coats, which will yield approximately 60 A4 prints. You don’t want any pooling of the lacquer on the surface.  Less is more when apply the spray.

    Your spray nozzle should be approximately 10-12 inches away from the image, using an overlapping spraying motion with the image secured to flat clean surface and rotating the image 90 degree’s after each repeated process.

    Allow at least 15 minutes between applications and spray booth side’s of the media to prevent moisture or other contaminates from entering the media from the unprotected side.

    Now more you’ve finished your images do not stack in a pile, but instead put them in a protective Chinle archival box for safe protective storage.

  • How can I remove the curl from a print that originated from a roll?We have heard great things about the product on the market called the D-Roller. It comes in 2 different sizes, and easily and quickly removes the curl.
  • Do you offer different core sizes or know of an easy way I can adapt?Some printers cannot accommodate 3 inch rolls natively, which is a shame. Some papers, like cotton papers, need to have a 3 inch core in order to mitigate the curl that is inherent in the media.  The easy, workaround, solution is to use a dowel and put the the roll of paper on it. Then use the original box to suspend the dowel and let the roll just free-roll into the printer from the behind the unit.
  • Are templates available for Chinle digital books?We don't have templates, primarily because the process is quite simple already. Here goes:

    Create a custom page size in your printer driver. Just make it 12x12, since that is the printable area.

    Resize your image to the size you wish it to be printed

    Load the paper into the printer with the holes on the trailing end. Essentially, the printer doesn't know the last 1" is there, so why tell it?

    Be sure to learn your own specific printer driver's behavior with regards to orientation. You may have to flip the image on its head in Photoshop if your printer driver cannot do it for you. Remember there are differences in rotation depending if you are printing as if the page is a right hand or left hand image. Most people prefer to only print as a right side, as bleeding can occur from the other side.

    If you wish, you can always just create a 12x12 document in Photoshop and drag in your image inside, along with creating a custom page size in your printer driver.
  • What's the best way to store roll paper? We have numerous inkjet printers in our printing studio, and one of the challenges of having all of these printers is also where to store our paper. We have numerous wide format printers, as well as smaller desktop cut sheet printers. We use our printers for many purposes, such as creating ICC profiles, printing of sample images for trade shows, sample prints for our dealers and salespeople and just about any other project that comes our way.

    In the first image below you will notice that we have a couple of 44" wide format printers in a room, with rolls paper on one of the walls. In an ideal environment we would be able to store our rolls standing up. Why? Beacuse the core of a roll can become oblong over a period of time if you store the roll horizontally. This really isn't an issue for us because we use our rolls of paper in a short period of time.

    Our custom rack (which needs to be painted) can accommodate up to 13 rolls of paper, up to 44 inches wide. We use 1 1/4" PVC pipes that are cut in 5 foot lengths to hold each roll. We can easily grab a roll and load it onto either of the printers. If we only had one wide format printer, we would give some thought to buy a bunch of that model's spindle, but that cost can quickly add up. Both of these printers are hooked up over ethernet, and we can just print away from the other room. If we have a big print job that requires a ton of interaction with a printer, we just roll a printer into the other room where we can monitor the printer closely from our desks.

    Hopefully our storage solution can work in your own environment. There are some wonderful solutions out there, such as the Clustarack series of products, however we found that our solution was the most space efficient in our environment.

  • Which black inks do you use for Moab papers?Here is a quick breakdown of our papers and related black ink:

    Lasal Photo Matte = MK
    Entrada Rag (all) = MK
    Somerset (all) = MK
    Colorado Fiber (all) = PK
    Lasal Photo Gloss = PK
    Lasal Photo Luster = PK
    Lasal Exhibition Luster = PK
    Lasal Dual Semigloss = PK
    Slickrock Metallic Pearl = PK
    Slickrock Metallic Silver = PK
    Moenkopi (all) = MK
    Kayenta Matte = MK
    Juniper Baryta Rag = PK

    * MK = Matte Black and PK = Photo Black

  • How can I safely and easily ship my print?There is now a new App called Shyp that picks up your items, packs, and send them answhere in the world with low costs. It is a great way to ship your artwork safely, easily and professionally. Just snap a photo and request a pick up. Now available in San Francisco, New York, Miami and soon to be in LA.