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Moab Masters >Dani Diamond

"Hey I'm Dani, a fashion and portrait photographer in NYC. Like many out there I got lost in the digital world and completely neglected tangible forms of art. After 10 years of shooting I decided I must create a printed portfolio of my work. A portfolio I could tuck under my arm as I walk through the streets of Manhattan meeting with clients. The truth is I've always given a printed portfolio the thought but I was simply too lazy to decide which images I wanted to send out to print and even more lazy to keep the portfolio updated. About a year ago I decided to try in house printing where I have the full control and more importantly the conveinience of printing. I can now do my own printing and continuously update my portfolio without the hassle of working with print houses and waiting impatiently for the prints to come in the mail. Printing may seem easier than it really is but with the help of YouTube videos and the creators of Moab I now have a tangible form for my photography. Nothing tops the feeling of holding a print in your hands."