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WPPI 2016 Highlights


Another successful year at WPPI in Las Vegas. The new Juniper Baryta Rag is still taking a stand and drawing in the crowd with its slight glossy surface texture. Thanks to Jim Graham, we were able to show off the full capabilities of the paper with detail and bright colors. Moab also displayed Jim's images on Slickrock Metallic Pearl and Lasal Exhibition Luster. Keith Richards made an appearance at the booth as well on Entrada Rag Natural by Norman Seeff

Looking to Mount your print?

Moab's Slickrock Metallic paper mounted to acrylic created a jaw-dropping repsonse from our audience. These 'White Dress' images by Christian Lalonde were mounted by Acrylic Press on both the Slickrock Metallic Silver and Pearl. 

The metal-like mounted print could be done yourself as well with 3 components: Slickrock Metallic Paper, an adhesive film and the acrylic. 

For laminating use a high grade clear adhesive film from MacTac. For the acrylic use a high grade plexi glass.  Ensure that the plexi glass does not contain any gas as once the print is sealed it will look to escape and create bubbles in the print.  Here are some grades we suggest from Acrylite here and here

Rangefinder has promoted the Power of Print program at WPPI, teaching photographers how to elevate and mantain their business through print for long-term success. Our Moab Masters weigh in on why they print their work and why it's important to them.