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WPPI 2016 Highlights


Another successful year at WPPI in Las Vegas. The new Juniper Baryta Rag is still taking a stand and drawing in the crowd with its slight glossy surface texture. Thanks to Jim Graham, we were able to show off the full capabilities of the paper with detail and bright colors. Moab also displayed Jim's images on Slickrock Metallic Pearl and Lasal Exhibition Luster. Keith Richards made an appearance at the booth as well on Entrada Rag Natural by Norman Seeff

Looking to Mount your print?

Moab's Slickrock Metallic paper mounted to acrylic created a jaw-dropping repsonse from our audience. These 'White Dress' images by Christian Lalonde were mounted by Acrylic Press on both the Slickrock Metallic Silver and Pearl. 

The metal-like mounted print could be done yourself as well with 3 components: Slickrock Metallic Paper, an adhesive film and the acrylic. 

For laminating use a high grade clear adhesive film from MacTac. For the acrylic use a high grade plexi glass.  Ensure that the plexi glass does not contain any gas as once the print is sealed it will look to escape and create bubbles in the print.  Here are some grades we suggest from Acrylite here and here

Rangefinder has promoted the Power of Print program at WPPI, teaching photographers how to elevate and mantain their business through print for long-term success. Our Moab Masters weigh in on why they print their work and why it's important to them. 


Join us at WPPI in Las Vegas!

What will you see at booth 1507?

Moab Master Gallery

The entire Moab Paper range will be displayed including Slickrock SilverEntrada RagLasal Exhibition Luster & more with images from some of our Moab Masters inlcuding Jim GrahamChris Lalonde and Norman Seeff

View the entire Moab Master Gallery. 

The new Juniper Baryta Rag will be front and center with samples to test the award winning paper yourself. Juniper is now available in 60" rolls. Check out our re-sellers by location.  

WPPI Day 2

Man, what a busy show! WPPI is one of the best shows we do and this year is no exception. We're meeting tons of interesting people.

The buzz is all about Slickrock - especially as photographers can now produce their own metallic prints themselves.

Most of the images in our booth are from Chris LaLonde. Since his portfolio of work is so diverse we've been able to experiment printing a bunch of different image types onto Slickrock. The white wedding image you see in the background has an almost luminous glow to it.  Kind of hard to describe, but it's amazing what this paper does for an image.

If you're in Vegas and haven't stopped by to see us - What are you waiting for?! Just follow the orange glow to Moab (booth 530).

Live from WPPI

We made it! The booth is constructed, the sample prints hung and the spotlights focused on Slickrock Metallic.  We're excited to be back at WPPI - the largest show in the US dedicated to Wedding and Portrait photographers.

The new Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer is churning out prints in our booth (#530). If you haven't seen any prints from this puppy then stop by to pick up a souvenir printed on Moab. You'll be blown away at the print quality (not to mention the exquisite paper that it's printed on).

Moab Master, Christian LaLonde, conducted a master class this morning entitled, "Making a Sandwich - All the Elements to a Superior Image."  Chris spoke about his layering techniques to his signature images. Each attendee received a free Moab sample box.

More tomorrow on Day 2 of the show.

WPPI 2011

We just completed another WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographer's Association) show and we're exhausted. The convention center at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was packed all three days with many photographers making a point to visit our booth to see the new Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 paper. We think it's safe to say they were not disappointed.

We had a gorgeous 44" print using an image courtesy of Moab Master, Chris Lalonde (see above). Everyone was blown away by all the detail in the deep, dark blacks.  If you want to give it a test drive, get your free sample to experience this extraordinary new paper.

We also showcased Somerset Museum Rag 300 using a stunning wedding from Moab Master, Jim Graham. The paper continues to receive awards for best new fine art paper (the latest from the Professional Photographer's Association).  If you've tried it, you'll know why everyone's talking about Somerset.  If you haven't tried it, click here to request a sample.

We also exhibited with our Museo buddies who presented their popular 100% cotton artist cards and the awesome Silver Rag.  

Thanks to all the Moab fans who visited our booth.

The Four P's of Moab

Day two at WPPI - This show is a BLAST!  The overall mood and excitement at WPPI is overwhelmingly positive.  It's good to see old friends and make new ones.  We've had so many customers sharing success stories involving Moab that we have to take a moment and reflect on how truly grateful we are to our customers.

For those who swung by our booth you probably noticed the theme of the 4P's: Print, Present, Protect and Promote:

After the image is captured, Moab's got you covered.  We hope to see more of you in Vegas.


New Somerset Museum Rag announced at WPPI

We're blogging live from our booth (#1618) at a very packed WPPI show in Las Vegas. 

We're introducing a new paper we're really excited about, Somerset Museum Rag - a new 100% cotton fine art paper with the most advanced coating yet - as well as featuring our new Chinle Ice Nine portfolios and Entradalopes

We're also showcasing our 100% cotton Rising Museum Board.  Rising is a used by the finest galleries, museums and framers worldwide and is a perfect complement to images printed on Moab papers.

Scott Sheppard interviews Moab founder at WPPI 2008 (repost)



Greg Schern, President, The Moab Paper Company, joins host Scott Sheppard live from his WPPI 2008 Booth to discuss how photographers can produce impactful images for their clients using a variety of Moab's paper stock. Moab papers are easy to use and come with their own ICC printer output profiles.