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Behind the Scenes of the Final Mission to Service the Hubble Telescope

Nicole Crowder from the Washington Post wrote a facinating article including an interview with Moab Master, Michael Soluri about his experience  with "Infinite Worlds".  On April 11, Smithsonian Associates will present a seminar at the Hirshhorn Museum as part of the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Telescope featuring four individuals who played key roles in Service Mission SM4. 

In Sight: Was there ever a moment during this whole process when you stepped back and reflected on the magnitude of what you were documenting?

Soluri: Oh yes. It amazed me that all of this was made in the United States. I’m realizing that these astronauts and crew members really care about what they’re doing. They care about their precision the same way I care about mine as a photographer. There is that sense of duty and dedication. Science is happening on its own through engineering. I think sometimes the country forgets that. I’m from upstate New York, and I would go to these small towns and fireman’s festivals sometimes and look for that sense of what is America. In the images of these people and astronauts who worked on the Hubble telescope project, that’s a piece of Americana within their world. This is their work world, and this is the culture of American space flight. This book represents what was and what would be. The telescope cannot be repaired mechanically. The Hubble works, but the human touch is what was needed."

Read more on the Washington Post webpage. 

Scenes from a Spacewalk- A Starry Night at the National Air and Space Museum

Enjoy an exclusive after-hours program at the National Air and Space Museum's newest exhibition:Outside the Spacecraft. Immerse yourself in the gallery's artifacts and artwork through creative activities and one-on-one conversations with the exhibition curator, featured artist, and an astronaut—all while indulging in cocktails and hors d'oeuvres inspired by the exhibition.

While most of us will never wear a spacesuit to repair the Space Station or use a tether to stay attached to a spacecraft, this rather unnatural line of work inspires and fascinates us. Join exhibition curator Jennifer Levasseur, art photographer and author Michael Soluri, and a very special guest, NASA associate administrator for science and former astronaut John Grunsfeld, to hear musings on their work, and experience the rich visuals created from it. Witness how reflections within the artwork can change our experience of it and set off on a challenge to find those reflections. Discover more about living and working in space with our Education team, and do not miss the opportunity to get into gear for your spacewalk photo op.

Tickets: $35, cost of admission includes a light food and beverage reception.
All discounted tickets have sold out. A limited number of regular tickets are still available.