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juniper baryta rag

Ecotomes by Jonathan Morse at Currents New Media 2018

A curated room by Jonathan Morse at Currents New Media in the Santa Fe Railyard, Santa Fe, New Mexico running through June 24 with images on Juniper Baryta Rag.


Jonathan's work contains twenty-four 24" x 36" prints on Juniper Baryta Rag. "It's my favorite paper, makes the saturated color jump."

Other artists shown are Gregory Eddi Jones, Anastasia Samoylova and Danielle Ezzo.

"ECOTOMES (transitions between ecosystems), a quiet room in a sea of interactivity.  Photography’s invention caused a shout: “from this day painting is dead”.  New media is evolving media; from stones and pencils to paintbrushes and presses and onward to virtual reality, artists-cyborgs use available technology to make their mark.  Every iPhone image relies upon millions of lines of code; every image we make (and see) involves millions of neurons.  Cameras and computers are prostheses for the artist, in a good way: not to replace but to augment what it means to be human.  Photography has not depicted what is “real” since it’s inception; that train left long ago.  But it retains its evocative nature to simulate the real (a construct of our brains processing visual intake) when contrasted with digital marks.  Here we air the ongoing dialog between our organic selves and our digital allies and influences." - Jonathan Morse
ECOTOMES 3 © Jonathan Morse 2018

ECOTOMES 3 © Jonathan Morse 2018

ECOTOMES 4 © Jonathan Morse 2018

ECOTOMES 4 © Jonathan Morse 2018

See more of Jonathan's work at and go to the festival's website at

Olympus Photo Contest and Test Drive

Glazer's Camera and Olympus Imaging are offering a free 3-day test drive and photo contest. The theme is "Fall in the Northwest". Enter to Win up to over $575 in prizes from Olympus Imaging and Moab Paper. Winners to be announced at evening reception on November 17, 2015.  All Entries will be printed on our new Juniper Baryta Rag

See here for official rules and how to enter.

Looking Glass Printing Demo


 Saturday, October 3rd 

Berkeley, California 

Join Moab Paper at Looking Glass Photo & Camera for our anniversary of our entire line together. Bring one of your favorite digital images and we will print it on the Moab Paper of your choice. Come prepared wtih all your digital printing questions for our tech master. Don't forget to ask about our new award winning Juniper Baryta Rag