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Looking to Mount your Slickrock Silver?

Moab's new Slickrock Metallic Silver created a jaw-dropping repsonse from our audience. The only greater response we recieved was towards the Slickrock Metallic Silver face-mounted to Acrylic. This has stirred up a tremendous amount of interest in Slickrock Silver. The image above is an image by Harold Davis done by Lamin-8

The process requires 3 components to our prints: Slickrock Metallic Silver, an adhesive film and the acrylic. 

Our recommendation? 

For laminating use a high grade clear adhesive film from MacTa

For the acrylic use a high grade plexi glass.  Ensure that the plexi glass does not contain any gas as once the print is sealed it will look to escape and create bubbles in the print.  Here are some grades we suggest from Acrylite here and here