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Maja Bogdanic was one of six fine-art photographers who exhibited her work in The Curator group show last summer. Her work, "Patterned," was inspired by her high school years in Serbia, where she studied fashion and textile design and was taught to find influence in nature. The series (pictured above) explores the relationship between nature and patterns through vivid, graphic imagery.

In addition to the group show, The Curator 2015 is offering the following prizes:

One Grand-Prize winner will receive a:

$3,500 Cash Prize

Six winners will receive a:
$200 gift card from B&H
VIP Expo Pass to PDN PhotoPlus Expo Oct 22–24, 2015
$250 gift card to
Categories: Premium Portfolio Membership

The winners will also be published in a gallery in the July issue of PDN and an extended online gallery.

Visit for all information on how to enter this year's competition.

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Illuminated Ground- The Fine Art Photography of Michael Zide

"What is fine art? How do we distinguish works of fine art from other photographic pursuits? It’s a muddled issue at best. These days, there is no end to the stunning and artfully constructed photography work to be seen in print, online, or in galleries. Many of these photos captivate us with their beauty, and inspire us with ingenuity, imagination and their craftsmanship. Regardless of how narrow our particular area of photographic interest, arresting examples can be found by typing a few key words into your computer’s search engine. The level and range of creativity and originality has never been higher."

-Michael Zide

 View Michael Zide's Manfrotto Tutorial, Illuminated Ground