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Will Crockett

MoabTV Expands!

As eProducts and hybrid photography enter into the mainstream of photography displayed proudly on screens of all kinds, prints aren't going away but instead are becoming premium items that draw more attention than ever before.

Will Crockett is a leader in Hybrid Photo education and in elevating the print to an ultra premium product that allows him to connect his images to the viewer, mount them sometimes even without glass to increase the connection, and to charge a heck of a lot more than a typical "lab print" sold by his competitors.

Join Will here as he vlogs about how you too can elevate your images into exhibition prints with Moab.

Not only does MoabTV expanded with a new Will Crockett page, but it now has a YouTube Channel! This is the place to learn about digital printing. Here you'll find our version of reality TV, where we pass on our tips and tricks to produce your work on Moab paper. If there's something you'd like to see posted - or if you have something already produced - shoot us an email and we'll do our best to add it to our collection. Put your feet up, crack open a cold one and enjoy the show!


We just launched a new page on our site for all things video.  MoabTV will feature how-to demos ranging from feature-length seminars to short snippets of Moab love.

Our first post comes courtesy of Will Crockett @ ShootSmarter titled, "Make Better Inkjet Prints."  His tell-all presentation is a whopping one-hour 25 minute video. Will covers everything from downloading and installing profiles to selecting the right paper for your print.

Like any good DJ, we also take requests.  Looking for something specific? Click the comment button below and let us know.

Final Thoughts on WPPI

As the WPPI show winds down, we wanted to thank all the people who came by to see us  The initial reviews for our new Somerset Museum Rag have been phenomenal.  The word that we heard the most to describe the paper was "sensuous."  Contact us for samples so you can see how beautiful this paper truly is.

Before we sign off and pack up our booth, we wanted to highlight two events happening this afternoon:

Our good friend Christian LaLonde will be leading a Master Class on fine art printing from 3:30-5:30 PST in room #202.  Chris will be printing his images on Entrada on the Canon Pro9500 MKII.

Will Crockett and Sarah Petty will be giving the final night presentation on portrait lighting at 5:00 PST in room 313.  For those not at WPPI, the seminar will be broadcast live online and can be viewed at

See you next year!


Photo consultant, founder of and card-carrying Moabite, Will Crockett has a new how-to DVD called, "Light, Camera, Profits!" designed to help show you how to save money before, during and after your shoot.

In the preview below, Will talks about why he uses Moab papers in his workflow.  There's also a more extensive trailer here at 

Will always has great ideas to pass along and this DVD is no exception.  Packed with over 2 hours of tips for beginners and professionals alike, there's something in here for everyone.


Accurate, Excellent, and Consistent Inkjet Printing with Will Crocket from

Master photographer and photographic guru Will Crockett of has created this fantastic video explaining how he achieves color consistency from screen to print and the tools he uses to keep his commercial photography studio humming.