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Tsilli Pines

Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types.   Think of it as a local morning mini-conference and inspirational community boost before work. Nothing fancy, just good people and a great talk by a guest lecturer. 

Free events are held in 16 (and counting) cities around the world.  In the US, the lineup included NY, Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and Seattle.

The new Portland event is hosted by local artist (and Entrada user) Tsilli Pines.

"Sewing" the Seeds of Love with Entrada


We recently had the pleasure of coming across Tsilli Pines, a Northwest artist who uses Moab Entrada Rag papers in her collection of modern wedding certificates, called New Ketubah.  Her Ketubahs are heirloom pieces personalized for each couple and made to order.

Naturally, she uses only the very best materials for longevity and for a tactile, luxurious quality. In addition to her modern take on a several-thousand-year-old tradition, what makes Tsilli's use of Entrada so special is that parts of the design are hand-sewn into the paper. Click through for more on Tsilli’s work