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Robert Farber Exhibition on Somerset

On April 8th, the Dubrovnik Museum of Modern Art will present an overall retrospective of Robert Farber's work.

The images in this exhibition are pigment prints printed on Somerset Enhanced Velvet archival paper.   

"...At an early age I had a desire to be a painter, I worked in oils and watercolors. When I started as a photographer the use of certain films and filters gave me the painterly look that I was after. However, printing the images were limited to a straight photographic process. So, when digital printing was introduced, I experimented with various papers and was able to go back to the original fine art paper that I used for my watercolors, Somerset Fine Art."

The cotton in our papers

Cotton is the ultimate eco-friendly material used in some of our papers such as Entrada and Somerset.  In fact, the cotton used to manufacture these papers is not from the puffy white flower that we all recognize as cotton, but rather the linters, or byproduct, from the textile industry.  Textiles are made using the longest, highest-quality fibers - the rest is discarded.  This wasted cotton is salvaged and used to manufacture our cotton papers.  Nothing could be more eco-friendly than reusing a product that is considered waste - otherwise this would all end up in the trash.

More information on cotton & the environment can be found here:

Quick Lesson From David Adamson

One of the "godfathers" of digital printing, and longtime Somerset user David Adamson offers an expert diagnosis of some common flaws found in a digital photo.  Check out the article.  

David Adamson is a Tamarind certified Master Printer. He started Adamson Editions in 1979 as a lithography studio. In 1993 David bought his first Iris 3047 printer and became one of the first digital ateliers in the country.