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Manneraak Exhibition “Norwegian Hallucinations”

Canoe studios and Legion Paper presents selected artwork by the Norwegian photographer and artist S.Manneraak in the exhibition "Norwegian Hallucinations".

This project is an immersion in to the artists impressions and experiences throughout a lifelong, close, relationship to the grandeur nature, its roughness as well as its wistfulness. It embraces the mythical landscape which manifests itself in the human mind during a, sometimes lonely, meeting between natures mystery and beauty, and the visual and spiritual experience after days and nights without sleep and food.

The artwork merges the mysterious Norwegian heritage, with the artist's own personal expression through mixed techniques. The most prominent is blending photos and acrylic paint. Then the artworks are printed on MOAB metallic paper.

The photographer and artist S.Manneraak is up and coming in the art world after several years as a well known fashion photographer with clients worldwide. After great success and hard work in the commercial business,

Manneraak wants to reinvent his artistic side with a new name and a broader approach to concepts and the art of photography. In addition to taking photography and painting, he is experimenting with other expressions through film, graphics and sculptures. Manneraak had his debut in the Norwegian State Exhibition in 2004, and since then he has had several separate exhibitions in Norway and abroad. The artist has sold his artwork to private and public collections in Norway. The Norwegian prime minister and minister of industry, as well as the major of Bergen, all have a Manneraak artwork on their walls. These artworks are all commissioned by Bergen Naeringsraad (the Bergen board of industry).

One highlight of this year is that Chanel decorated their headquarters in Paris with a 105x150 cm large Manneraak artwork printed on "SlickRock" MOAB metal paper.

Manneraak's Exhibition will be held from Oct. 26th- Nov. 4th at:
Canoe Studios
601 W 26th St
Suite 1465
New York, NY 10001

Looking to Mount your Slickrock Silver?

Moab's new Slickrock Metallic Silver created a jaw-dropping repsonse from our audience. The only greater response we recieved was towards the Slickrock Metallic Silver face-mounted to Acrylic. This has stirred up a tremendous amount of interest in Slickrock Silver. The image above is an image by Harold Davis done by Lamin-8

The process requires 3 components to our prints: Slickrock Metallic Silver, an adhesive film and the acrylic. 

Our recommendation? 

For laminating use a high grade clear adhesive film from MacTa

For the acrylic use a high grade plexi glass.  Ensure that the plexi glass does not contain any gas as once the print is sealed it will look to escape and create bubbles in the print.  Here are some grades we suggest from Acrylite here and here

Jonathan Morse uses Colorado Fiber for FABRICATIONS

Jonathan Morse, a lifelong photographer and printmaker who uses Moab papers extensively ranging from Entrada, Slickrock, Moenkopi Unryu and others, will be presenting a new body of work entitled FABRICATIONS opening on May 10, 2014 at Byzantium Lofts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  His work weaves photographic and drawn material into wholly new images, celebrating 21st century mark-making made possible by the incredible range of substrates now available to the contemporary artist who wishes to use digital imaging as an original printmaking medium.  For this exhibit he has chosen Moab Colorado Fiber Gloss for its brilliant color rendition, rich blacks and its ability to capture detail with an almost three-dimensional ink deposit.  For more information about Jonathan and the past decade of his printmaking, please log on to his website

Imaging USA (Booth #1540)



The Moab team is packing up the crates and traveling to Phoenix for the annual Imaging USA show.

The highlight in our booth will be focused on the new Slickrock Metallic Silver. If you have been interested in giving this paper a try, then swing by our booth #1540  to pick up your free sample.

Featured at the show, our very own Moab Master Jim Lasala, will be showcasing several of his breathtaking prints from his portfolio. Jim will also be giving away signed 8.5x11 images of selected pieces of his work.

In addition to our entire Moab line,we will also be showing the Museo range of fine art inkjet papers, including their 100% cotton Artist Cards.

 Hope to see you in Phoenix. 

Moab Team

Canon's Try My Photo and Moab

Canon's Try My Photo is back!

This unique program allows you to upload your image to the Canon TMP site and receive your image printed on Moab paper from one of the new PIXMA Pro printers.

Once you've loaded up your image you can choose from either the Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 or the Entrada Rag Bright 190 as the paper for your complimentary image.  Then you select the PIXMA Pro 1, 10 or 100 printer model.

Profusion Pro Imaging Expo 2013

If you happen to be in Toronto next week come stop by the annual Profusion Pro Imaging Expo on June 18th-19th. Moab will be there in full force giving away sample packs, swatchbooks, and sample sheets of our newest paper, Slickrock Metallic Silver. So what are you waiting for? Book your flight or pack your car and see us at the Toronto Congress Centre for an unforgettable expo.

Moab Team

Meet author Harold Davis

Meet photographer, author and Moab Master, Harold Davis on Tuesday, September 11th at Calumet NYC as he discusses key topics from his new book: Creating HDR Photos.  

Harold will present his latest work and reveal the secrets behind his award-winning images. You'll also be able to see Harold's images printed on large 44" prints using the new Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260.

In Creating HDR Photos, bestselling author Harold Davis covers the complete HDR workflow, from choosing the subjects that work best for HDR through processing RAW files to unlock the dynamic power of HDR.

In this seminar you’ll learn how to photograph multiple exposures and blend them into a single HDR image using various software programs. Best of all, you will find out how to control the style of your HDR images, from subtle to hyper-real, using a range of photographic and post-processing techniques. 

Tuesday, September 11 (6-8pm)

Calumet New York
22 W. 22nd Street
New York, New York 10010

Moab teams up with Canon in the "Try My Photo" program

Ever wonder what your image will look like printed with Canon's new PIXMA PRO-1 on Entrada Rag Bright or Slickrock Metallic? Well, now you can.

Canon U.S.A.’s national “Try My Photo” program enables eligible customers to upload select images to the Canon Try My Photo website. 

With this program, eligible consumers in the United States have the opportunity to submit one digital image per household from select Canon PIXMA Pro printers, and for a limited time, a consumer can print their image on Entrada 100% cotton fine art paper or the new Slickrock Metallic Pearl.   

The promotion featuring select Moab papers on Canon’s Try My Photo website will run through September 30, 2012.  

NEW Slickrock 11x14 sheet size

Deep from within our R&D facility (somewhere in the vicinity of La Sal mountains) we're excited to introduce the new 11”x14” sheet size for our Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 paper.

The new 11x14 Slickrock format was introduced as a direct response to our customers seeking the new size for portfolio printing. Considered a standard for portfolios and framing, the 11x14 format matches original large format cameras, and as a result, became one of the default image presentation formats.  

Designed for photographers seeking to enhance their images with a metallic look, Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 transforms an image into lifelike, almost 3D quality. Black & White images shine on this new paper producing deep dark blacks and ultra-bright highlights.

The new 11x14 Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 is available in 25 sheet boxes. The rest of the Slickrock range consists of 50 sheet boxes - sized 5”x7” 8.5”x11”, 13”x19”, A2 and A4 - and rolls sized 17, 24 and 44 inches wide by 100 feet long.

We're heading to New Orleans

We're packing up the crates and trekking down to the Big Easy this weekend for the annual ImagingUSA show.  

The spotlight in our booth will be focused on the new Slickrock Metallic Pearl. If you've been pondering whether to give this paper a test-drive, then swing by our booth #316 to pick up your free sample.

We'll also be showing (and sampling) the Museo range of fine art inkjet papers, including their 100% cotton Artist Cards. 

Hope to see you this weekend.

Moab wins two awards

As the year comes to a close we're excited to annouce two industry awards that Moab received. Professional Photographer's of America honored our Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 and the Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 with HotOne 2012 awards in the Fine Art Paper category and the Semi-Gloss/Luster Paper category, respectively.

The Slickrock Metallic Pearl paper got another nod from the editors at Digital Photo magazine who gave the paper their Editor's Choice award.

It's only natural that we think our papers are awesome, but it's nice to be recognized once in a while by our industry.  If you haven't tried the Slickrock Metallic or Lasal Exhibition Luster papers yet (and want to find out what all the excitement is about) then contact us for a free sample.

PhotoPlus Expo - Day One from the floor

Blogging from a very crowded show floor on day one of PPE.  The buzz has been SLICKROCK.  This is a shot of our Slickrock Metallic room featuring large format prints on the new Slickrock Metallic Pearl.  It's a paper that really causes pause.  You find yourself staring at the image wondering what's going on. The photos pop off the paper.

The other buzz at the show is the new Canon PIXMA PRO-1 printer.  The new professional 13" printer officially launched today in the US.  We were fortunate enough to get our Moaby hands on this machine a few weeks ago to test and build profiles, and we can honestly say the PIXMA PRO-1 is a phenomenal printer.  The crazy amount of detail the printer is capable of reproducing is breathtaking.  

If you're at the show, stop by our booth to see the PRO-1 in action spitting out prints on Slickrock for you to take home.

Did I mention profiles for the PRO-1?  Yup, we got 'em.

Experience Moab at PhotoPlus Booth #446

We attend a bunch of trade shows throughout the year, but we aim to make each experience unique for our Moab fans out there.  Next week we'll be exhibiting at PhotoPlus Expo in NYC (booth #446) and we guarantee to deliver on this Moab Experience.

If you haven't seen our new Slickrock Metallic Pearl paper, then you're in for a thrill. We've pushed the envelope to deliver a metallic pearl paper that will transform your image into something stellar.  Our metallic gallery will demonstrate the power of this paper that you've literally got to see to believe.  Be sure to grab the printed samples that we'll be giving away.

Another new paper that we'll be showing off is our Lasal Exhibition Luster 300.  This is not your mama's photo luster.  Lasal Exhibition Luster is a hefty 300gsm paper that produces images that will blow you away.  Thanks to the latest state-of-the-art, fourth generation coating (4G anyone?), you'll see stunning details in your images that only your photo sensors were privy to (until now).

We'll also be featuring our Moenkopi Japanese Washi paper at the show. Photographer Geoffrey Agrons printed out some stunning images on the Moenkopi Bizan that will make you drool.

Speaking of drooling.  We'll be featuring original photographs from Enzo Beretta, Andy Biggs, Robert Farber, Jim Graham, Joshua Holko, Ryszard Horowitz, Christian Lalonde, Jim LaSala, Michael Soluri, Salvatore Vasapolli and Michael Zide.

Oh, and the free passes.  Click here and fill out the online form and you'll be good to go.


Slick reviews for Slickrock

OK, sorry about that headline.  With some of the first reviews of Slickrock coming out our excitement got the better of us.

Luminous Landscape calls Slickrock "really something special"

Want to test the paper yourself?  Give us a shout and we'll send you a free sample.

Slickrock has started to ship with many dealers having it in stock.  Here's a list of Moab resellers near you.

Introducing Slickrock

At every trade show, seminar and Moab Day we attend, people have been asking us for a Moab metallic paper.  After a year in the making we're excited to announce Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 - a new category of fine art inkjet paper featuring an innovative, pearlescent coating.

Slickrock is designed for photographers seeking to enhance their images with a metallic look, transforming an image into lifelike, almost 3D quality.  The paper's high gloss and unique sheen make this ideal for everyday prints with a twist.

Contrary to all the buzz surrounding the launch of Slickrock, there's no invitation-only access code or special VIP Pass necessary to begin experiencing Slickrock.  Simply click here to request a sample.