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PDN Presents The Curator

RSVP by July 29, 2015 at 10 a.m. 

Join us for PDN's Curator Gallery opening Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at Foley Gallery. The exhibition will remain in the gallery until August 7, 2015.

Work featuring Maija Tammi, Amy Friend, Frances F. Denny, Gina Nero, Heather Evans Smith, and Anna K. Shimshak. 

Maja Bogdanic was one of six fine-art photographers who exhibited her work in The Curator group show last summer. Her work, "Patterned," was inspired by her high school years in Serbia, where she studied fashion and textile design and was taught to find influence in nature. The series (pictured above) explores the relationship between nature and patterns through vivid, graphic imagery.

In addition to the group show, The Curator 2015 is offering the following prizes:

One Grand-Prize winner will receive a:

$3,500 Cash Prize

Six winners will receive a:
$200 gift card from B&H
VIP Expo Pass to PDN PhotoPlus Expo Oct 22–24, 2015
$250 gift card to
Categories: Premium Portfolio Membership

The winners will also be published in a gallery in the July issue of PDN and an extended online gallery.

Visit for all information on how to enter this year's competition.

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PDN Curator Award Winners

Congratulations to all the Curator award winners for their amazing photographs including:

Patricia Voulgaris- Grand prize/Mixed Media, Gillian Hyland- Portrait, Maja Bogdanic- Still Life, Matt Shallenberger- Landscape, Brian Smith- Urban Scenes, and Alexander Hadjidakis- Student Work. 

All winners will recieve $250 of Moab Money! Be sure to view the Winners' Gallery online! 


Winners of The Curator contest

The search for outstanding and undiscovered fine art photography has come to an end (this year, at least). We're proud to annouce the winners of the 2011 Curator fine art contest:

Sophia Wallace (Portraits/Nudes)
Klea McKenna (Abstract/Mixed Media)
Klaus Enrique (Still Life)
Jane Fulton Alt (Nature)
Matt Eich (Photo Essay/Reportage)
Christopher Patrick Ernst (Student)

The winning images will be on display through July 17th at the Milk Gallery in NYC. You can also pick up a current copy of PDN magazine, which features these winning artists and their work.

Congratulations to these remarkable photographers!

Object of Desire

The new Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 was selected by PDN magazine for this month's Object of Desire by gear-guru and tech editor, Dan Havlik.

"Even if you’re not planning a gallery show any time soon, crank out of few of your photos on Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 and the wheels in your head will start spinning. Images printed on this paper demand to be exhibited."

Read the full review here.

Haven't tried it yet?  Email us for your free sample.


PDN Wants to Get Friendly With Our Newest Paper

The first reviews of Somerset Museum Rag are in:

From PDN Gear Guide

"These days, 100 percent cotton papers are all the rage because they can give your photos an artful look and feel. In fact, the texture of cotton papers is so pleasing, it's almost a shame to put these prints behind glass.

Moab has added a 100 percent cotton Museum Rag to its venerable Somerset line of art papers and we guarantee you'll want to fondle your photos as soon as they come out of the printer. (Just don't touch the ink until it dries.)

We got excellent dynamic range with superior D-MAX using Somerset Museum Rag; our blacks in both color and black-and-white prints had the most detail of all the papers we tried. At 300gsm, this is a heavy paper that soaks up the ink but without blotching the results. Though matte papers sometimes produce flatter images, color in our prints of classic Le Mans racecars really popped.

Though cotton papers can produce unpredictable photographic results because of their inconsistent surfaces, Somerset Museum Rag is produced by St. Cuthberts Mill in England using a traditional cylinder mould machine which has created an exceedingly smooth texture on the paper. Consequently we'd recommend using this paper for a range of photo prints: anything from portraits to landscapes to macro work."

Have your work exhibited in a NYC gallery


Submit your best images (or series) to the CURATOR fine art photo contest and win the chance to have an exclusive exhibition of your work in a NYC gallery and be published in PDN's June issue on Fine Art Photography.  PDN will also host a special online gallery for the winning photographers of each category.


And there's more!!!  Each category winner will receive a Chinle Ice Nice portfolio loaded with your choice of Moab paper.  Head over to for all the details.


New PDN Fine Art Photography Contest

THE CURATOR:  The Search for Outstanding and Undiscovered Fine Art Photography

One artist in each category will be awarded participation in an exclusive gallery show held in New York during the summer of 2010. In addition, the selected artists will be featured in a print gallery in PDN's June issue - which has an additional print distribution to industry creatives - and their images will also be reproduced in a PDN Web gallery. The winner of each category will receive a Moab Chinle Portfolio.

Enter in several categories (including one for students).

Categories, rules, prizes, judges and more can be found here.

PDN Virtual Trade Show

Renowned outdoor photographer - and Moab Master - Andy Biggs will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming PDN Virtual Trade Show.

Register for this FREE event and login to watch Andy's presentation "The Perfect Print".  

The Perfect Print 

While having the ability to print your own photos at home is a tremendous convenience, quality is often elusive. This Webcast will focus exclusively on improving your fine-art digital printing, concentrating specifically on inkjet printmaking. Topics to be covered include old-fashioned testing and how to execute careful color judgments, as well as workflow issues such as color management 

Andy's keynote is at 11am EST on December 3rd.