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Manneraak Exhibition “Norwegian Hallucinations”

Canoe studios and Legion Paper presents selected artwork by the Norwegian photographer and artist S.Manneraak in the exhibition "Norwegian Hallucinations".

This project is an immersion in to the artists impressions and experiences throughout a lifelong, close, relationship to the grandeur nature, its roughness as well as its wistfulness. It embraces the mythical landscape which manifests itself in the human mind during a, sometimes lonely, meeting between natures mystery and beauty, and the visual and spiritual experience after days and nights without sleep and food.

The artwork merges the mysterious Norwegian heritage, with the artist's own personal expression through mixed techniques. The most prominent is blending photos and acrylic paint. Then the artworks are printed on MOAB metallic paper.

The photographer and artist S.Manneraak is up and coming in the art world after several years as a well known fashion photographer with clients worldwide. After great success and hard work in the commercial business,

Manneraak wants to reinvent his artistic side with a new name and a broader approach to concepts and the art of photography. In addition to taking photography and painting, he is experimenting with other expressions through film, graphics and sculptures. Manneraak had his debut in the Norwegian State Exhibition in 2004, and since then he has had several separate exhibitions in Norway and abroad. The artist has sold his artwork to private and public collections in Norway. The Norwegian prime minister and minister of industry, as well as the major of Bergen, all have a Manneraak artwork on their walls. These artworks are all commissioned by Bergen Naeringsraad (the Bergen board of industry).

One highlight of this year is that Chanel decorated their headquarters in Paris with a 105x150 cm large Manneraak artwork printed on "SlickRock" MOAB metal paper.

Manneraak's Exhibition will be held from Oct. 26th- Nov. 4th at:
Canoe Studios
601 W 26th St
Suite 1465
New York, NY 10001

PDN Presents The Curator

RSVP by July 29, 2015 at 10 a.m. 

Join us for PDN's Curator Gallery opening Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at Foley Gallery. The exhibition will remain in the gallery until August 7, 2015.

Work featuring Maija Tammi, Amy Friend, Frances F. Denny, Gina Nero, Heather Evans Smith, and Anna K. Shimshak. 

Adorama Gallery Opening: Human Nature

The Adorama Gallery and Moab are pleased to present Human Nature, a collaboration between photographers Erica Simone and Jaci Berkopec. The exhibition will be on view Thursday July 23rd through Tuesday August 16th.

An opening reception will be held on Thursday July 23rd from 6-8pm at Adorama located at 42 West 18th Street, NYC. 

RSVP for the event here.

Maja Bogdanic was one of six fine-art photographers who exhibited her work in The Curator group show last summer. Her work, "Patterned," was inspired by her high school years in Serbia, where she studied fashion and textile design and was taught to find influence in nature. The series (pictured above) explores the relationship between nature and patterns through vivid, graphic imagery.

In addition to the group show, The Curator 2015 is offering the following prizes:

One Grand-Prize winner will receive a:

$3,500 Cash Prize

Six winners will receive a:
$200 gift card from B&H
VIP Expo Pass to PDN PhotoPlus Expo Oct 22–24, 2015
$250 gift card to
Categories: Premium Portfolio Membership

The winners will also be published in a gallery in the July issue of PDN and an extended online gallery.

Visit for all information on how to enter this year's competition.

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The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt is Live!

The World's Biggest Egg Hunt has begun on April 1st! Moab Master, Robert Farber, used Moenkopi to create his outstanding egg shown above. With hundreds of eggs to find, the city is your very own hunting ground. Seek them high, seek them low, but get cracking because you’ll find them in the most unexpected of places. Get started because the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt closes April 25th!