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Moab Photo Symposium

Moab Photography Symposium

The Moab Photography Sympsium was created by fine art landscape photographer and educator Bruce Hucko. The event was born of the need to have a Moab-based photography event after Hucko realized how many out-of-the-area photo workshops were using the area. 

The workshops and feature talks serve to model a life in photogrpahy by offering insights into the technical, artistic, and personal motivation of each speaker. "Many people engage in photogrpahy to connect to the land", says Hucko. "While the land is certainly the physical space that we are all attracted to my main focus is to have participatants better connect to themselves through the process of making personally meaningful photogrpahs where the land is employed as subject" 

In addition the symposium brings in other national and regional photographers to serve as feature speakers and workshop leaders. 

Moab Photo Symposium

The 7th annual Moab Photo Symposium kicks off today with a keynote presentation by world-renowned landscape photographer, Jack Dykinga.  Every year they take a theme and build the workshops and events around a specific subject.  This year's theme is "Personalizing Space."

Held throughout Moab, the symposium features a variety of workshops on night photography, printing, HDR, portfolio development and many more.  As the symposium occurs in our backyard we'll be there handing out swatch books, showing off our new Somerset Museum Rag, and saying hi to old friends.  For more information please click here.