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Lauren Henkin

Lauren Henkin at Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, OR

Moab Master photographer Lauren Henkin has been invited by Portland's (Oregon) Blue Sky Gallery to discuss her work, and Displaced, her new artist book (printed on Entrada Rag). Displaced is based on her self-imposed Nova Scotian exile.

Stop by on Saturday, December 12th at 3 p.m. Lauren will be showing a copy of the book, signing prints and will talk about the making of the two portfolios that comprise the project.

"...these black-and-white photos stir with a contemplativeness and emotional directness that carry the frisson of discovery. We're witnessing the development -- pun intended -- of a peculiar, worthy talent." - David Row, The Oregonian (Read the full review here.)

Blue Sky is a non-profit space dedicated to educating the public about photography. Their special mission continues to be showing artists that no one has ever heard of, but will. As such, Blue Sky has been credited with having the best record of discovering new photographers of any artists' space in the country.

Hope to see you there.

A Moab Master

I first met the photographer and bookmaker Lauren Henkin about two weeks ago and I was instantly blown away.  I was taken aback at the craftsmanship and detail that went in to each handmade book (using Entrada Rag as the pages) and was reminded of the many different ways that artists use to present their work.  The book that Lauren showed me had the Entrada pages professionally bound to a hardcover, cloth-lined case.

Lauren's books made such a huge impression on everyone here at Moab that we asked her to become a Moab Master. Over the years we have had the fortune to work with so many photographers and artists who use Moab papers to enhance their work, but we had no method to share these photographers with the world.   So we developed the Moab Masters - a collection of artists both well-established and up-and-coming, each with their own unique voice. You'll find artists who are just about to take off, like Lauren, alongside long-established photographers such as Douglas Kirkland, Robert Farber and Barbara Bordnick. The Moab Master galleries can be found on our Facebook page.