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Epson Victorian Professional Photographer of the Year 2015

The 2015 Epson Victorian Professional Photographer of the Year competition has been running in Melbourne at 1140 studios. Moab Master, Joshua Holko, won multiple categories, the highest scoring print and the overall title of 2014 Epson Victorian Professional Photographer of the Year last year. It is a competition Joshua thoroughly enjoys from the capture to print. 

Congratulations to Joshua Holko for scoring Silver in four landscape photographs and three of his Science, Wildlife and Wild Places photographs in the 2015 AIPP Awards.

All of the prints were printed on Holko's all-time favorite stock for fine art photography prints, Moab Somerset Museum Rag

Arctic Fox Snow Storm – 89 Silver with Distinction Award Science, Wildlife and Wild Places Category

Dune on Fire – 86 Silver with Distinction Award Landscape Category

The AIPP National and State awards are two of the few remaining competitions to actually judge the finished print and they do so using a panel of judges all deemed experts in their respective genres and accredited as Masters of Photography through their years of success in this arena. 

Joshua Holko will now be headed to the South Island of New Zealand for his 2015 Masterclass Workshop.

ICC Profiles Now Available For the Epson SureColor P600

The all-new Epson SureColor® P600 features incorporates all new Epson UltraChrome® HD Ink for extraordinary exhibition-quality prints. With unprecedented black density and breakthrough Resin Encapsulation Technology, the P600 delivers the richest blacks with an incredible level of sharpness. Three-level Black Ink technology delivers smooth tonal transitions for the finest black-and-white prints. High-capacity, individual ink cartridges improve your productivity with fewer user interventions. Advanced media handling allows you to easily print with a wide variety of fine art and roll papers. Create borderless 13" x 19" prints and panoramas over 10 feet long. Whatever you print, the SureColor P600 delivers such dramatically bold images, it sets a groundbreaking new benchmark in photographic quality.

Please see ICC Profile Downloads for Moab Paper to create your perfect print. 

Making the Artisanal Inkjet Print

Moab Master, Harold Davis, was recently asked by an art gallerist he works with to help educate some clients regarding his printmaking. Essentially the issues come down to exploring how his prints differ from mass-produced inkjet prints, since largely the same equipment is used. In contrast to those you get from Costco or giclees from an art reproduction company, Harold's prints require a great deal of hand labor. Harold's FAQ: Prints by Harold Davis covers much of this ground, and the following discussion helps put things in perspective.

Harold Davis answers many questions frequently asked by printmakers such as:

What printer do you use? How long does it take you to make a print? Are your prints limited editions? Do you hand sign your prints? Is a certificate of authenticity available? And our personal favorite: What papers do you use?

Discover Harold's printmaking insight and perspective. 

NEW Epson 7900/9900 Profiles

We constantly update our profiles to provide you the absolute best quality for most of the pro printers out there.  The most recent profile we just recreated was the Epson 7900/9900.

If you have this printer, head over to our ICC profile page and download this new profile.  We promise you won't be disappointed.

If you haven't used any of our profiles, we suggest you give them a test-drive.  We develop every profile in-house ourselves to ensure you obtain the best possible print.  Of course, nothing beats a custom profile for your specific workflow, but ours come pretty darn close.

Epson 3880 Profiles

We've been getting flooded with requests.  Good news - we should have these available by November 13th the latest, some sooner.  Happy printing!

[update] we have created the profiles, and are currently testing them over the remainder of the weekend. As we approve of the quality of the profiles, we will be posting them to our ICC Downloads area of our web site.