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Entrada Rag Natural

Promega Fall Art Showcase with Norman Seeff

Los Angeles

Mick had the idea of the Stones coming down the ramp of a ship ‘defecting’ to France – for tax reasons. Rather than risk shooting at the Long Beach docks, I decided to build a set. The session began at midnight. One of my assistants, in period costume, impulsively turned to kiss Mick and lost her footing and they both came down. I captured a sequence of shots that we turned into postcards of classic ‘Stones’ moments.

Norman Seeff

Moab Master, Norman Seeff, is exhibiting in the Fall Art Showcase from October 7 – January 2, 2015 at the Promega. Norman Seeff is displaying his images of the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Mick Jagger, KISS and more fascinating images.

"The Look of Sound" by Norman Seeff

From 28th September 2014 through 25th January 2015 photography and "Rock-n-Roll" enthusiasts can look forward to this spectacular show. Zephyr – space for photography of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums Mannheim will be presenting in this exhibition "The Look of Sound" almost 200 images by the famous photographer Norman Seeff. Shown for the first time in Europe. Seeff was born in 1939 in South Africa and immigrated after his studies in Medicine in the 1960s to the USA. He became Art Director of the music labels Blue Note and United Artists.

In Los Angeles he quickly became a star in the photographic music business. He photographed and filmed such music and important stars like Jonny Cash, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Steve Jobs, Frank Zappa, Zubin Mehta, just to name a few, and many other celebrities in his special style. The portraits are significant in their spontaneous vitality and give an depth insight into the visual and musical background of an aera.  Seeffs hidden interest focused on researching where creativity comes from: During the photo sessions, which were often filmed as well, he asked the artists he was photographing:What does creativity mean for you? The photographed artists answered without holding back, because they were busy concentrating on the fact they were trying to show their persona throughout the photographic shoot. This gives us a deep insight into the artists soul. We will present some of this documented filmed session material on monitors throughout this "Rocking" show.

All digital images were printed on Moab’s Entrada Rag Natural 190.

Douglas Kirkland Exhibiting In Burchfield Penny Art Center

Moab master Douglas Kirkland is exhibiting at the Burchfield Penny Art Center from July 12th - September 8th. Photographs of the idealized American women Marilyn Monroe are currently on display.

Kirkland captured iconic images of the famous star on three different occasions while working for Look magazine at the age of 27.

All the images in this exhibition were printed on Entrada Rag Natural 290!

If you are in the Buffalo area, stop by and see first hand the beauty of his amazing work.

Kirkland's Monroe Exhibition on Entrada

WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC presents an exhibition of iconic photographs of Marilyn Monroe by legendary photographer Douglas Kirkland, October 26 - December 15, 2012.

The exhibition will showcase stunning photographs of Monroe as she posed for Kirkland lying on a bed enveloped only in white silk sheets. Photographed by Kirkland on November 17, 1961, she died a few months later in 1962; 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Monroe's death.

On view are images of Monroe never before shown to the public, as well as a series of aesthetically superior quality carbon prints, made exclusively for this exhibition. The exhibition also includes behind the scenes black and white photographs of Kirkland, taken during his photo shoot with Monroe in a California studio. One photograph shows Kirkland as he leans dramatically over an interior balcony to capture ethereal images of Monroe in the bed positioned below.

All the prints in the exhibition were produced on Entrada Rag Natural 290.

For complete details, click here.

An Evening with Marilyn

You've seen the iconic images of Marilyn Monroe in books, magazines and online, now you've got a chance to see the originals and meet the man himself: Douglas Kirkland.

The Galerie Basia Embiricos in Paris will feature Kirkland's collection from September 13-October 13, 2012.

The opening reception will be held on September 13th from 6-9pm.

All the prints in "An Evening with Marilyn" were printed on Entrada Rag Natural 300.

Michael Soluri on Documentary Portraiture

This summer up at the Maine Media Workshops, Moab Master, Michael Soluri will conduct a week-long workshop from June 3-9 delving into the secrets behind capturing the perfect portrait.

By a perfect portrait, we mean being able to get to the heart and soul of the subject. The workshop will cover both the natural and technical aspects of shooting on location with limited (often available) light sources and equipment.

The class will touch on every aspect of production with an added emphasis on post-production to obtain the perfect printed image (on Moab's Entrada, of course). 

Learn more about this workshop here, and be sure to register early as the class is limited to 14 slots. 

Moab at the Academy Awards

Step aside George and make room on the red carpet for lil' ol' Moab!

Each of the 20 acting nominees for the Academy Award were recently photographed by famed photographer (and Moab Master) Douglas Kirkland. The exhibit Out of Character is currently on view through March 18th at The Academy Grand Lobby Gallery.

The exhibition is free and open to the public.  When you stop by please take note of the paper.  All the prints were produced on Kirkland's fav paper, Entrada Rag Natural 300.

We do have the answer to your burning question: The answer is "yes', you will look like George Clooney (or Meryl Streep) if you use Moab.

Monteferrante's "Winter Soulstice"

We're pleased to announce Judith Monteferrante's (aka awesome Moab Master) first solo NYC show at the Amsterdam Whitney from December 2, 2011-January 3, 2012.  Here's an excerpt from the gallery:

"Inspired by Rodin's credo to reveal both the internal intangible as well as the external tangible, Judith Monteferrante's impressive female figurative nude photography explores the complexities of the mature female nude figure and emotes a powerful psychological portrayal of the aging female. Celebrating the mature female form, Ms. Monteferrante's innovative photographs explore the complexities of aging baby boomers by blending a powerful psychological photographic portrayal resonating with a strong sense of empowerment. 

Her "Mature Nude Series" reveals a sophistication of form and shape that reflects an incredible force of vision reflecting an exciting vitality.  Celebrating the female nude as the raison d’etre of photography, Dr. Monteferrante, who is also a cardiologist, clearly understands the medical as well as the conceptual aging of the human figure."

All 6 pieces are printed on MOAB Entrada Rag Natural 300.

Douglas Kirkland and Entrada

Douglas Kirkland, the famed photographer and icon, has long used Entrada Rag Natural for his final gallery prints.  At any given time, Kirkland has multiple show openings scattered around the globe: Japan, Germany, United States - and one in Italy that opened over the weekend: Bassano Fotografia 2011.

Bassano del Grappa - the small city in northern Italy and home to the Grappa spirits - was taken over by a multi-artist photo show headlined by Kirkland.  Featuring a selection from Kirkland's vast collection  of images, the exhibit was printed entirely on Entrada Rag Natural 300.

Coco Chanel

If you happen to be swinging through Tokyo today, then make a point to stop by the Coco Chanel exhibit featuring a collection of photos from Douglas Kirkland circa 1962.  

In 1962, world-class photographer Douglas Kirkland spent three weeks with the most important fashion icon of all time, Coco Chanel. Over the course of this stay, Kirkland photographed Coco with her friends, on the runway, and in the privacy of her homes. Kirkland reveals these never-before-seen photographs in all their vibrancy, shedding new light on one of the world's most enduring, multi-faceted, and bestselling fashion legends of all time.

The exhibit runs from September 4-29 at the Coco Chanel Ginza and all the images were printed on Entrada Rag Natural.

International Exhibition in support of Indigenous Peoples

We're excited about our collaboration with a new international traveling photography exhibition titled DIGNITY:  TRIBES IN TRANSITION, which includes 60 black and white photographs by acclaimed artist Dana Gluckstein from her recently published book, DIGNITY.

The focus of the exhibition is to educate and raise awareness in support of Indigenous Peoples.  The exhibition opened in Berlin at the Willy-Brandt-Haus Museum in February, 2011, and was just invited by the United Nations to present in Geneva at the Palais des Nations from July 11 – August 31, 2011.

The opening night will be hosted by the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights and coordinates with the annual UN session of the Expert Mechanism of Indigenous Leaders. The exhibition will then continue touring in Europe before beginning a U.S. tour in 2013.

All the prints were produced on Moab's Entrada Rag Natural 300.

Entrada spotting at a SoHo gallery

Nothing like a beautiful snowy scene to put us in the holiday mood.  Joseph Holmes' upcoming exhibition, The Urban Wilderness captures the tranquility of Brooklyn's Prospect Park amidst the hectic metropolitan life just outside the park's perimeter.

The Urban Wilderness opens this Saturday at the Jen Bekman Gallery in SoHo.  Holmes plans to hang twelve prints, nine at 17x22 and three at 30x40, matted and framed, all on Moab Entrada Rag Natural 300

In his own words Holmes chose Entrada because he was "impressed by the amount of fine detail that the paper can show."  The opening reception for The Urban Wilderness is on December 10th from 6-8.  The show runs through January 23, 2011.