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Entrada Rag

Putting Together Your Own Gallery Exhibition

Article content by Les Picker & Robert Boyer:


Putting on a gallery exhibition is both an exciting and exhausting experience. Image selection, post-processing, printing, matting, framing, and packing your framed prints are each mentally challenging tasks that require inordinate amounts of time and energy. 

I'm often surprised at a huge marketing opportunity that photographic artists pass up that would enhance both sales and reputation. After all, a successful gallery exhibition is not only about showcasing the prints themselves, but the opportunity to sell them and to enhance one's reputation in the highly competitive world of art prints. 

And, for most of of us who do our own printing, the opportunity is right in our hands!

The Catalog


A good art exhibition should have a catalog of the images being presented. The catalog might include the name of the piece, its price and perhaps a brief description of the image, often accompanied by the image itself. 

Catalogs come in many shapes, sizes and formats. In many cases the catalog provides utilitarian value, an inventory of the art work to be primarily used by the gallery for reference. I see these catalogs as of limited value. Their limited accessibility minimizes their effectiveness. While it's certainly fulfills a necessary requirement, it does not take advantage of an immense marketing opportunity for the artist. Catalogs should use design and materials that reflect the feel and intent of the art they represent. They should also be widely distributed and worthy as a keepsake unto themselves. The goal of these ancillary materials, after all, should be to elevate the art pieces as a whole. 

How We Do It

For my latest exhibition, WildEarth: Monochrome, all our large format images were printed on Moab Entrada Natural, Moab Entrada Bright, and Moab Textured Rag, using Canon large format printers. In the interests of full disclosure, we are sponsored by Moab, but that mutual decision was based on our experience and love of their papers. As a senior photographer, and as my clients and students know, I am at a point where I would never agree to be sponsored by a product I did not believe in. 

Our Catalog


For the WildEarth exhibit, we wanted to integrate the luscious papers themselves into the art experience for the patrons. We designed and printed the catalogs on Moab Entrada Bright 300GSM 13" x 19" sheets. We then scored the paper in the middle, creating a perfect fold. All it takes is a very light score with a brand new blade to achieve the crisp fold we sought. 

Invitations To The Opening


Similarly, we created accessory marketing materials that were both consistent with our artwork and integrated with the theme. These consisted of a small announcement/invitation and a set of four gallery cards. 

The invitations were printed 4-up on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of Entrada Natural 300GSM paper, utilizing both sides and then cut. For variety, we printed them with a dark and a light background. These were mailed to a select list of clients six weeks prior tot he Opening and were also placed in strategic locations in the gallery and other venues. 

Gallery Cards


The gallery cards were actual copies of two of the wildlife images and two of the landscape images that were on display in the show. They were also printed on Entrada Natural 8.5" x 11" 300GSM paper, two to a sheet and then cut. The reverse side contained marketing material about Les Picker Fine Art Photography. 

It would be hard to describe the positive reaction we received at the Opening for the supporting materials (and thankfully for the fine art prints themselves!). There were literally dozens of people who commented on the feel and texture of the Moab Entrada paper and in at least two of the cases, that tactile sensation helped sell prints.  

Having supporting marketing materials that elevate the artwork and are consistent with their mood and feel are what museums and significant galleries do as a matter of course. As a small studio ourselves, we completely understand that most photographers do not have a dedicated person or team to do this. But that does not mean it should not be done. We look at the production of the artwork itself as just one step toward a successful gallery show. Yes, this is a difficult and laborious task, but the end result is both satisfying and, hopefully, financially rewarding. 

So, next time you are contemplating an exhibit of your artwork, think in terms of integrating the art with the marketing materials.

Imaging Resource: Caffeine Priority

'Moab's photo paper makes for powerful prints'

Read more from Imaging Resource.

Entrada Rag Natural 300

"As far as cotton fine art papers are concerned, this is a very good paper. When used with theEpson P800 it produces high-contrast prints with saturated colors and good sharpness."


Juniper Baryta Rag 305

"I've been fortunate to test a variety of baryta (barium sulfate) fiber paper recently, including some from both Epson and Hahnemühle and the Moab Juniper Baryta stands up quite well against them both. The Juniper Baryta Rag offers a similar subtle texture and excellent dynamic range. Colors are rich and vibrant and fine details are rendered well. When you're looking for premium paper, feel is important too and the Juniper Baryta paper feels like it's ready for an exhibition." 

PDN Presents The Curator

RSVP by July 29, 2015 at 10 a.m. 

Join us for PDN's Curator Gallery opening Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at Foley Gallery. The exhibition will remain in the gallery until August 7, 2015.

Work featuring Maija Tammi, Amy Friend, Frances F. Denny, Gina Nero, Heather Evans Smith, and Anna K. Shimshak. 

Adorama Gallery Opening: Human Nature

The Adorama Gallery and Moab are pleased to present Human Nature, a collaboration between photographers Erica Simone and Jaci Berkopec. The exhibition will be on view Thursday July 23rd through Tuesday August 16th.

An opening reception will be held on Thursday July 23rd from 6-8pm at Adorama located at 42 West 18th Street, NYC. 

RSVP for the event here.

"The Look of Sound" by Norman Seeff

From 28th September 2014 through 25th January 2015 photography and "Rock-n-Roll" enthusiasts can look forward to this spectacular show. Zephyr – space for photography of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums Mannheim will be presenting in this exhibition "The Look of Sound" almost 200 images by the famous photographer Norman Seeff. Shown for the first time in Europe. Seeff was born in 1939 in South Africa and immigrated after his studies in Medicine in the 1960s to the USA. He became Art Director of the music labels Blue Note and United Artists.

In Los Angeles he quickly became a star in the photographic music business. He photographed and filmed such music and important stars like Jonny Cash, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Steve Jobs, Frank Zappa, Zubin Mehta, just to name a few, and many other celebrities in his special style. The portraits are significant in their spontaneous vitality and give an depth insight into the visual and musical background of an aera.  Seeffs hidden interest focused on researching where creativity comes from: During the photo sessions, which were often filmed as well, he asked the artists he was photographing:What does creativity mean for you? The photographed artists answered without holding back, because they were busy concentrating on the fact they were trying to show their persona throughout the photographic shoot. This gives us a deep insight into the artists soul. We will present some of this documented filmed session material on monitors throughout this "Rocking" show.

All digital images were printed on Moab’s Entrada Rag Natural 190.

New Modern Multiples Digital Services on Entrada



Modern Multiples is proud to announce they have just added hi resolution digital imaging to their digital services offered using Entrada Rag Bright. Entrada Rag Bright White exhibits a bright surface with a smooth feel to bring your vision to life. 

“We’ve tried many other papers, and in our 35 years of experience Entrada is the paper that gave us the best results for our fine art archival prints.” 

-Modern Multiples Studio

Willard Suitcases

Photographer, Jon Crispin, photographs a collection of suitcases left behind by residents of the Willard Psychiatric  Center in Willard, NY. To Jon, they open a small window into the lives of some of the people who lived at the facility. After shooting, Jon began producing prints on Entrada Rag for the "Changing the Face of What is Normal" exhibit at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. He will also be part of TEDx talk on Martha's Vineyard in August. View his full collection and his wordpress site!

Several years ago a friend gave several boxes of Entrada and it is really the only paper I have been using since.  The profiles you provide are right on the money, and I am always happy when the printer spits out a print.

-Jon Crispin

A Flavor of Cuba

Moab Master, Jim LaSala,  is thrilled to share an image from Trinidad, Cuba printed on Entrada Rag Bright. He took a trip to Cuba to both teach and shoot from May 10th to the 18th. Visit Jim LaSala's page for further information and upcoming events on "The Flavor of Cuba" workshop. His experience will blow you away. We look forward to seeing more of Jim's images from Cuba in the coming soon! 

Congratulations to Jim LaSala at the PNE Convention!

Congratulations to Moab Master, Jim LaSala, for his amazing achievements in receiving the following awards at the PhotoNorthEast Convention: The PPANJ Award for Outstanding service to the Professional Photographers Association of New Jersey, Kodak Award, Zeltzman Award: Highest cumulative score (4) images, Fassbender Cup Award: Best Image/ NJ, Crystal Award: Best In Show (NJ/NY), (2) Judges Choice, and American Society of Photographers Award (ASP) Highest Scoring Print for ASP member.

pdn Curator Winners

Congratulations to this years winners of the Curator event Thomas Jackson, Noah David Bau, Greer Muldowney, Bobby Davidson, Lindsay D'Addato and Jeremy Underward. Each winner was awarded a 250$ gift card to Moab paper. If you didnt get a chance to make it down to Industria Superstudio, the gallery can be viewed online at

Thank you to all the artists who submitted work to make this event possible!

-Moab Team

Michael Zide Exhibition on Entrada

Amherst’s Public Art Commission is pleased to present an exhibition of landscape photography by Amherst resident, educator and photographer, Michael Zide. The selection of black and white photographs were taken in Western Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard and California and printed on Moab fine art Entrada paper.

In the world of black and white landscape photography, Michael Zide has a most selective eye.  He possesses that rare quality of artful seeing, bringing his sensitivity to gesture and mood to every image.  Sensual and tactile, his work elicits a visceral response that draws the viewer in to demand a second look and a more thoughtful response. His personal vision began as a child after the otherworldly experience of waking to find a luminous blanket of snow covering his Southern California home. That first snowfall set in motion both the search for a view of equal enchantment, as well as a visual memory in search of meaning.

Not surprisingly, many of his photographs are inspired by the striking drama of winter ice and snow transforming the New England landscape. 

Zide's work will be on view through February 28, 2013 at the Amherst Town Hall in Amherst, Massachusetts. 

The gift that keeps on giving

As we round the corner into holiday chaos we thought we'd make one decision easier for you during this festive season: There's a Moab Paper for every type of photographer (and image).  We'd like to think Moab is on your year-round list of photo gear, but we found a few independent voices to present their faves.

Slickrock Metallic Pearl is one of our most popular papers that makes all types of prints shine, but it seems that B&W photographers have a special place in their hearts for Slickrock. PDN published this article last month.

Lasal Dual Semigloss is the newest paper in the Moab family, and Rangefinder Magazine included it on its annual Buyer's Guide. The article also features a 'Specialty Paper' section, which includes Moenkopi Washi and Entrada Rag.  

Photo Techniques magazine also did a double-take (sorry, couldn't resist) and included Lasal Dual Semigloss in the December Gear App article.

Digital Photo Pro lists five Moab papers in their 2013 Pro Buyer's Guide, including the Lasal Exhibition Luster, which is an ideal paper for gallery and exhibition prints.

Try My Photo with Moab extended

If you haven't had a chance to see what your image looks like on Moab's Slickrock Metallic Pearl or Entrada Rag Bright on Canon's new PIXMA PRO-1 printer, you still have a chance.

Canon extended (through October 31st) the two Moab papers in their Try My Photo program, which allows photographers to upload an image to Canon's TMP site to have it printed on the new PIXMA printer.

It's fun, pretty cool and FREE.

Space Photography

There's something awe-inspiring to see images taken from space.  Usually the images provoke the curiosity in us - like 'how' was this shot or 'what' were the Astronauts doing?

Moab Master, Michael Soluri has some answers. Soluri had exclusive (and unprecedented) access to the space shuttle mission that saved the Hubble Telescope.  Some of his story was recently published in Aperture Magazine and an excerpt can be read here.

With the final NASA shuttle launch still pending, the enormity of Soluri's project comes into focus.  Some say the final launch marks the end of an era.  We're just grateful Soluri was able to document and share his images with the world.  Stay tuned for a national exhibit of his work and a book sometime in 2012. When his exhibition goes up, his gorgeous images will be printed on Moab Entrada Rag.