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PDN Presents The Curator

RSVP by July 29, 2015 at 10 a.m. 

Join us for PDN's Curator Gallery opening Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at Foley Gallery. The exhibition will remain in the gallery until August 7, 2015.

Work featuring Maija Tammi, Amy Friend, Frances F. Denny, Gina Nero, Heather Evans Smith, and Anna K. Shimshak. 

Willard Suitcases

Photographer, Jon Crispin, photographs a collection of suitcases left behind by residents of the Willard Psychiatric  Center in Willard, NY. To Jon, they open a small window into the lives of some of the people who lived at the facility. After shooting, Jon began producing prints on Entrada Rag for the "Changing the Face of What is Normal" exhibit at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. He will also be part of TEDx talk on Martha's Vineyard in August. View his full collection and his wordpress site!

Several years ago a friend gave several boxes of Entrada and it is really the only paper I have been using since.  The profiles you provide are right on the money, and I am always happy when the printer spits out a print.

-Jon Crispin

Jonathan Morse uses Colorado Fiber for FABRICATIONS

Jonathan Morse, a lifelong photographer and printmaker who uses Moab papers extensively ranging from Entrada, Slickrock, Moenkopi Unryu and others, will be presenting a new body of work entitled FABRICATIONS opening on May 10, 2014 at Byzantium Lofts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  His work weaves photographic and drawn material into wholly new images, celebrating 21st century mark-making made possible by the incredible range of substrates now available to the contemporary artist who wishes to use digital imaging as an original printmaking medium.  For this exhibit he has chosen Moab Colorado Fiber Gloss for its brilliant color rendition, rich blacks and its ability to capture detail with an almost three-dimensional ink deposit.  For more information about Jonathan and the past decade of his printmaking, please log on to his website

Making the Perfect Print

Join David Saffir on February 26th as he explores color management for printing. Starting with the fundamentals of printer management, the discussion will progress to creating custom profiles for a range of media types. We'll show you how to use SpyderPRINT to print calibration targets, scan them, and use them on your system. Additional topics will include live color preview/soft proofing in Photoshop and Lightroom, using application managed color with your new profiles, and evaluating print quality.

Attendees will have the chance to win a FREE SpyderPRINT, a 13x19 box of Moab Entrada Rag Bright 190 paper OR a box of Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 paper as well as receive exclusive discounts!

Wednesday, February 26
2:00pm EST

Click here to register

Canon's Try My Photo and Moab

Canon's Try My Photo is back!

This unique program allows you to upload your image to the Canon TMP site and receive your image printed on Moab paper from one of the new PIXMA Pro printers.

Once you've loaded up your image you can choose from either the Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 or the Entrada Rag Bright 190 as the paper for your complimentary image.  Then you select the PIXMA Pro 1, 10 or 100 printer model.

pdn Curator Winners

Congratulations to this years winners of the Curator event Thomas Jackson, Noah David Bau, Greer Muldowney, Bobby Davidson, Lindsay D'Addato and Jeremy Underward. Each winner was awarded a 250$ gift card to Moab paper. If you didnt get a chance to make it down to Industria Superstudio, the gallery can be viewed online at

Thank you to all the artists who submitted work to make this event possible!

-Moab Team

Moab teams up with Canon in the "Try My Photo" program

Ever wonder what your image will look like printed with Canon's new PIXMA PRO-1 on Entrada Rag Bright or Slickrock Metallic? Well, now you can.

Canon U.S.A.’s national “Try My Photo” program enables eligible customers to upload select images to the Canon Try My Photo website. 

With this program, eligible consumers in the United States have the opportunity to submit one digital image per household from select Canon PIXMA Pro printers, and for a limited time, a consumer can print their image on Entrada 100% cotton fine art paper or the new Slickrock Metallic Pearl.   

The promotion featuring select Moab papers on Canon’s Try My Photo website will run through September 30, 2012.  

"The View Project" at the Naples Museum of Art

Joyce Tenneson, famous for her unique style and exquisite portraiture has selected Michael Zide’s black and white landscape photograph Grasses, Vineyard Haven to be part of a travelling exhibit called “The View Project”, which will open December 18th and run through March 13th at the Naples Museum of Art in Naples, Florida. 

Michael Culver, the director of the museum, is writing an introduction for the catalog/book.  The exhibition prints will be sponsored by Canon USA, and Tenneson’s  studio will be producing the large prints on Entrada Rag Bright 300.

An Afternoon with Douglas Kirkland

[reported by Scott Conry, National Sales Manager, Legion Paper]

Although we have been working with Douglas Kirkland for years, we never had the opportunity (or time) to just sit and talk with the Master.  So, a few weeks ago I called Douglas's studio to see if he had a moment to meet.  His assistant, Miranda, answered with a pleasant greeting and got Douglas on the phone.  We decided on a day best for me to pop by in the morning before their afternoon shoot, which would allow me to see the images that they were printing for their large Brisbane Gallery of Modert Art show in September.  The meeting was set and my schedule was prepared for about an hour long visit.

Moab at the State House

Judith Monteferrante's solo show at the Massachusetts State House in Boston is currently on display through the end of July. 

Beneath the Sun: Art at the State House features Judith's Seascapes and Floral portraits.  A reception is being held on Wednesday, July 28 at 4:00pm.  Stop by to meet Judith and see her gorgeous prints - all printed on Entrada Rag Natural 300

Bringing Aid to the Gulfs' Wildlife

Renowned photographer and educator, Michael Zide, will be donating a portion of his print sales to benefit the Gulf Response Initiative Team and the efforts that they are spearheading to save the wildlife, marshes and estuaries being affected by the Gulf oil spill.

Three images from Zide's Martha's Vineyard collection will be available for purchase in a signed open edition all printed on Moab Entrada Rag.  Click here to learn more and to purchase prints.

Douglas Kirkland at SNAP!

If you happen to be in Orlando this weekend catch Moab Master, Douglas Kirkland, this Friday, May 21st at Snap! - a 4-day photography celebration showcasing the work of renowned international and national photographers, as well as images from emerging local talent.  Spanning a dozen art galleries, cafés, boutiques, and pop-up exhibition spaces in the Downtown Orlando area, Snap! will exhibit the visionary work of more than 50 artists. 

Douglas will be attending the gallery opening at the Exchange Building on Friday where you can see some of his world-renowned images printed on Entrada.  On Saturday he'll be at a book signing event at the Chanel Boutique.

The cotton in our papers

Cotton is the ultimate eco-friendly material used in some of our papers such as Entrada and Somerset.  In fact, the cotton used to manufacture these papers is not from the puffy white flower that we all recognize as cotton, but rather the linters, or byproduct, from the textile industry.  Textiles are made using the longest, highest-quality fibers - the rest is discarded.  This wasted cotton is salvaged and used to manufacture our cotton papers.  Nothing could be more eco-friendly than reusing a product that is considered waste - otherwise this would all end up in the trash.

More information on cotton & the environment can be found here:

"Sewing" the Seeds of Love with Entrada


We recently had the pleasure of coming across Tsilli Pines, a Northwest artist who uses Moab Entrada Rag papers in her collection of modern wedding certificates, called New Ketubah.  Her Ketubahs are heirloom pieces personalized for each couple and made to order.

Naturally, she uses only the very best materials for longevity and for a tactile, luxurious quality. In addition to her modern take on a several-thousand-year-old tradition, what makes Tsilli's use of Entrada so special is that parts of the design are hand-sewn into the paper. Click through for more on Tsilli’s work

Robert Clark Photography

A great perk we have is being lucky enough to meet so many talented photographers whose images stop us dead in our tracks.  Robert Clark is no exception. 

An architect and graphic designer by training, Robert was always concerned about the paper being specified for his design projects.  "It is a sensual concept. Fine paper feels good in your hands. To me the Entrada just feels good to hold.  And it just prints so well." 

Check out his gallery or if you're pressed for time, his print of the month.

Lauren Henkin at Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, OR

Moab Master photographer Lauren Henkin has been invited by Portland's (Oregon) Blue Sky Gallery to discuss her work, and Displaced, her new artist book (printed on Entrada Rag). Displaced is based on her self-imposed Nova Scotian exile.

Stop by on Saturday, December 12th at 3 p.m. Lauren will be showing a copy of the book, signing prints and will talk about the making of the two portfolios that comprise the project.

"...these black-and-white photos stir with a contemplativeness and emotional directness that carry the frisson of discovery. We're witnessing the development -- pun intended -- of a peculiar, worthy talent." - David Row, The Oregonian (Read the full review here.)

Blue Sky is a non-profit space dedicated to educating the public about photography. Their special mission continues to be showing artists that no one has ever heard of, but will. As such, Blue Sky has been credited with having the best record of discovering new photographers of any artists' space in the country.

Hope to see you there.

A Moab Master

I first met the photographer and bookmaker Lauren Henkin about two weeks ago and I was instantly blown away.  I was taken aback at the craftsmanship and detail that went in to each handmade book (using Entrada Rag as the pages) and was reminded of the many different ways that artists use to present their work.  The book that Lauren showed me had the Entrada pages professionally bound to a hardcover, cloth-lined case.

Lauren's books made such a huge impression on everyone here at Moab that we asked her to become a Moab Master. Over the years we have had the fortune to work with so many photographers and artists who use Moab papers to enhance their work, but we had no method to share these photographers with the world.   So we developed the Moab Masters - a collection of artists both well-established and up-and-coming, each with their own unique voice. You'll find artists who are just about to take off, like Lauren, alongside long-established photographers such as Douglas Kirkland, Robert Farber and Barbara Bordnick. The Moab Master galleries can be found on our Facebook page.