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How to ship your (Moab) prints

We are often asked how to protect Moab prints for shipment, so we thought to ask Andy Biggs, the one person we know who ships his images all over the globe. Here's what he had to say:

"As far as shipping a print, the best way is to ship it flat. I do this by placing my print in a clear bag from, and then I tape the corners onto a flat piece of cardboard. I then cut out similar sized pieces of cardboard and sandwich them in front and in back of the original piece of cardboard. I will typically have 5 to 7 pieces of cardboard in total. I then tape all edges together, which then makes for a very rigid shipping item.

If shipping flat isn't an option, as in when I ship large prints 20x30 and up, I will wrap the print in between two pieces of glassine or tissue paper. I will tape up the package after I place the print into a durable shipping tube, as I want the diameter of the print to be the same as the inside of the tube. So I place the print in about 1/3 of the way, letting the print expand slowly to match the inside diameter of the tube. I then tape the rolled up print onto itself (actually the tissue paper). Then I let the whole thing down into the tube.

Voila! I recommend tubes from Yazoo Mills. Great product and they ship out quickly."

On the floor at PhotoPlus 2010

Day two of the PDN PhotoPlus 2010 show came to a close and 400 lucky (and patient) people walked away with signed prints from Michael Zide, Salvatore Vasapolli, Andrew Darlow and Jody Dole. Our buddies at ClearBags supplied archival Crystal Clear Bags to protect all those signed prints.  Thank you all for stopping by our booth and enduring the long lines.  

The best part of any trade show is to talk to our fans.  We heard tons of stories about why you love Moab, and listened to your suggestions about what you want from us.  We showcased the Entradalopes and Chinle Ice Nine portfolios, and demonstrated new and fun ways to present your work.

But the real star of the show was Somerset Museum Rag.  Our motto is 'you've got to feel it to believe it,' and sure enough, everyone who touched the new Somerset Museum Rag fell in love with its lush and supple surface and its 4th generation coating that produces deep, rich blacks.  

If you were at the show and liked what you saw, then come back for more tomorrow as we round off our Moab Master print signing event with Barbara Bordnick, Jose Gaytan and Ryszard Horowitz.