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Barbara Bordnick

Star-studded speaker line-up at PhotoPlusExpo

Get ready to be dazzled (and informed) by some of the biggest names in photography. We're pretty stoked to announce the photographers who will be giving short presentations in the Moab booth (#750) during the upcoming PhotoPlusExpo show in NYC.

Like all things Moab, we are taking a slightly different approach to these presentation: We've simply asked the speakers to talk about themselves and their work - no sales pitch. Some will be conducting hands-on printing workshops while others will be providing an intimate discussion on their work. Harold Davis will even be giving away copies of his new book!

We're still hammering out the exact times, but the confirmed line up will include Andy Biggs, Barbara Bordnick, Harold Davis, Jody Dole, Robert Farber, Jim Graham, Ryszard Horowitz, Douglas Kirkland, Jim LaSala, Michael Soluri, Salvatore Vasapolli and Michael Zide.

As you can see, all the photographers are at the peak of their game, each having made a huge impact on the photo industry. Expect every presentation to be a keynote event.

Flower Photography Workshops with Bordnick

Barbara Bordnick, author of three innovative, best-selling books SEARCHINGS: Secret Landscapes of Flowers, is offering two new weekend workshops on photographing flowers in her Manhattan studio, located in the historic Photo/Flatiron District of Manhattan.

Barbara is a renowned fashion, portrait, nude and floral photographer who has taught workshops all over the world. Along with demonstrations of lighting and set-up techniques for shooting flowers in the studio, the workshops begin with a trip to the NYC wholesale flower market to choose flowers.

March 18 & 19, 2011
April 23 & 24, 2011 

Each student will go home with a gorgeous, archival pigment print on Moab paper of his/her own work.

For more information, please contact Barbara at

The Elegant Images of Barbara Bordnick

The online photography site recently ran a DoubleExposure cover story on our very own Moab Master, Barbara Bordnick.  Here's an excerpt:

From her fashion photography to portraits of jazz singers and lyrical images of flowers, Barbara Bordnick's elegant work has been published internationally over the past 35 years. She has also been the recipient of numerous awards, and last year, her portrait of lyricist E.Y. Yip Harburg became a commemorative U.S. postage stamp. She has published volume I, II & III of a series of books entitled and states, "I think creative people are always searching."

The full article can be found here.


Spring Flower Photography Workshop

As the winter's cold begins its retreat, we begin to think about all things Spring.  One Spring event that caught our attention:  

Moab print master and renowned fashion and floral photographer, Barbara Bordnick, will be hosting a weekend workshop on photographing flowers.  The workshop dates are April 24-25 at her studio in Manhattan.

Barbara is the author of three best-selling books of photographs of flowers: SEARCHINGS: Secret Landscapes of Flowers Volumes I, II & III.  To learn more about the workshop and to register, please email and click here.

The Imaging Buffet

From Andrew Darlow's popular site The Imaging Buffet listing some highlights from PhotoPlus

Moab Paper (Booth #630) Moab recently unveiled some great looking portfolio books named ICE NINE, in 8×9 and 12×13 inch format. Also, the company has a great sample rack with their entire photo line. I made a print for their booth this year, and the company printed up a card with one of my photos and a partially excerpted tip from my book, 301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques. I also recommend checking out the Moab Somerset Photo Satin 300 paper, as well as the amazing botanical image by Barbara Bordnick printed on the company’s Moenkopi Japanese Washi. Very impressive.