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The Great Oil Leak Poster Project

While we all sit helplessly and watch this disaster unfold, a few designers/artists from Louisiana are doing their small part to help.  

Their curated poster contest was created with the aim of collecting donations, and selling prints, to have funds to donate to the local fishermen who are drastically affected by this spill.  Submissions are due by June 19.

They've lined up shows throughout the region and are expanding to other areas.  As for what to submit, they said it best:

"We will take any poster that you send. Screened on a 5 inch by 7 inch box of cereal? Perfect. 50 self-published offset lithographs? Love to take them. Letterpress, silkscreen? Excellent. Point being, we not only want your work, we want your best work."

Win Free Paper Contest - June/July Edition

Congratulations to the winner of the May "Where in the Moab" contest:  Greg Schuster from Bozeman, MT won $100 in Moab product.  Congratulations Greg!

For the other few hundred of you who didn't win, we posted a new contest for June & July.  If you're not familiar with the contest, it's easy.  We'll show you an image taken within a 200 mile radius of Moab and you tell us what it is.  We'll pick one correct entry at random to win $100 in free product.

Hint:  Previous guesses of "Moab", "Utah" and "Earth" are not specific enough...

New PDN Fine Art Photography Contest

THE CURATOR:  The Search for Outstanding and Undiscovered Fine Art Photography

One artist in each category will be awarded participation in an exclusive gallery show held in New York during the summer of 2010. In addition, the selected artists will be featured in a print gallery in PDN's June issue - which has an additional print distribution to industry creatives - and their images will also be reproduced in a PDN Web gallery. The winner of each category will receive a Moab Chinle Portfolio.

Enter in several categories (including one for students).

Categories, rules, prizes, judges and more can be found here.