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Death Valley Photography Workshops With Salvatore Vasapolli

March 2-5, 2016
Death Valley, California Workshop

The name, Death Valley, evokes a land hot and forbidden but for photographers it is a land of discovery! Temperatures are mild and range from 60's-90's degrees F.  From the lowest point in North America to the top of it's snowy mountain ranges lies unbounded opportunities of photogenic subjects of salt flats, sand dunes, volcanic cones, borax and gold mines even ancient indian rock art.  The workshop is timed for the best chances of shooting wildflowers. We visit infamous named places like the Devil's Racetrack where mysteriously rocks leave trails of their movement yet no one has ever seen them move! Devil's Corn Patch is where demons harvest their foul inedible growths of poisonous Mesquite. A trip to Badwater takes us to the lowest place on the northern continent. It is a land of poisonous salt water pools. We also visit Artist's Palete, Zabriskie Point, Dante's View and other  well known habitats. Desert and mountain animals abound, such as the Roadrunner, Mule Deer, Mountain Sheep, Burro's (left from the miners working the silver and gold mines) Pupfish, Bobcats, Desert Tortoise, Horned and other lizards and snakes abound! If you are a beginning photographer, here is the place to start working on compositional techniques! If you are a season professional, this is a place to add unique stock for your clients!

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