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Have Some Starbucks with your Slickrock Pearl

Looking to tint your Slickrock Metallic Pearl prints? Photographer, Robert Pittman, did... with Starbucks Coffee! 

I had the photos already printed out beforehand . I filled my bathtub with cold water and coffee and kept the photos moving in the water. I did this for about an hour and 30 minutes or so to get the color I wanted.  Then I let the water out of the tub and filled it with hot and warm water and moved the photos around for five mins it's or so. They had a greasy film on them from the coffee residue. That came off and then I hung them to dry. The next day the color stayed and the ink did not run or fade away!

After soaking the Slickrock Metallic Pearl in coffee, Robert was still able to print on the paper (shown on the left). The photo to the right was printed before submerging the paper in the water with coffee. 

The results are incredible! The print on the left was tinted with Starbucks coffee as the image on the right was printed without any manipulation using a Canon Pixma iX6820.

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