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The Ultimate Great Apes Safari Workshop with Andy Biggs

In late August 2014, Moab Master, Andy Biggs will lead a private group of photographers to Uganda and Rwanda to photograph Africa's Great Apes: magnificent mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. This safari will focus on photographing Africa's wild chimpanzees and mountain gorillas up close. Photographing these incredible primates is unlike any other experience in Africa or the world. Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees are under increasing threat and these are some of the last remaining places where one can spend time with them in protected areas. They will have three FULL days of chimpanzee viewing and photography in Kibale National Park near the Ruwenzori Mountains in southwestern Uganda. There are a VERY limited number of full-day chimpanzee permits allocated each day (their permits allow full days spent with the chimps while the majority of the permits are only for one hour of viewing) and they have secured the full-day permits for three days. They then head to Rwanda and Volcanoes National Park for three days of photographing mountain gorillas. If you have ever wanted to spend time up close with the great apes, you will love this experience.

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