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Moab Welcomes Norman Seeff

We are excited to announce our new Moab Master, Norman Seeff. Norman’s impact on pop culture has earned him several appearances in Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, etc., and many other high profile billboards worldwide.  

Norman began his early career as a qualified medical doctor before moving to New York where he began photographing people he encountered on the streets of Manhattan. After over 3 decades of capturing the lives of actors, authors, scientists, and film directors through his innovative camera and video lens, Seeff has been able to illustrate his own dynamic and personal image.

Seeff’s entire collection of work is extremely impressive and our team is looking forward to working with him. Seeff comments that, "Moab Entrada Rag Natural has the fidelity, warmth and depth I was seeking when I began creating digital prints of my images. It has superseded my favorite darkroom papers. The gorgeous matte surface turns my images into art and I am thrilled to have found a paper that fulfills all my aesthetic requirements.”

Welcome to Moab, Norman.