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Space Photography

There's something awe-inspiring to see images taken from space.  Usually the images provoke the curiosity in us - like 'how' was this shot or 'what' were the Astronauts doing?

Moab Master, Michael Soluri has some answers. Soluri had exclusive (and unprecedented) access to the space shuttle mission that saved the Hubble Telescope.  Some of his story was recently published in Aperture Magazine and an excerpt can be read here.

With the final NASA shuttle launch still pending, the enormity of Soluri's project comes into focus.  Some say the final launch marks the end of an era.  We're just grateful Soluri was able to document and share his images with the world.  Stay tuned for a national exhibit of his work and a book sometime in 2012. When his exhibition goes up, his gorgeous images will be printed on Moab Entrada Rag.