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Reflections on Print Competitions

We asked photographer Jim Lasala to comment on his experiences in the recent Annual State Print Competition in NJ, where he won top honors for his image, Forgotten.

"After taking a year off from print competitions because of some personal issues I was finally ready to get back to business. I was full of anticipation going into our Annual State Print Competition, at the Photo NorthEast convention that NJ shares with NY.  

There were approximately 400 images that were judged over a three day period by a panel of 6 jurors.  Print competitions provide exciting opportunities to listen and learn.  It's also a great way to keep your juices flowing and to continue to push for new ideas.

Well this year was a very special year for me. I decided that one of the images I submitted would be of my dad titled, Forgotten. It is a portrait of my dad which was taken while going through some rough times.  My parents had just lost their daughter (my sister Kathy), who I dedicate these awards to. Just after that loss, my dad suffered a heart attack and was brought back to life 3 times after his heart stopped beating. He survived and was recuperating at a Nursing Home in Staten Island, NY when this image was taken.

I 'm happy to say that my dad at (93) and my mom (94), who have been married for 71 years, are still together, living in a assisted living facility, and are doing well."

- Jim Lasala

The image Forgotten received a perfect score of 100 (the first image ever to score 100 in NJ).  

Here are the awards that were given to this image: 
- Best in Show Award (Fassbender Award)
- ASP Award
- Fuji Award
- (2) Courts of Honor