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Andy Biggs printing seminar at Durys

If you are a photographer (and by reading this you probably fall into this category) and want to hear how to become more profitable in your business, Andy will lay it all out for you.  This Saturday, November 19th, Andy will present from 10-2 at Dury's in Nashville, TN.  The event includes a free lunch and happens to run in conjunction with a Canon Day, where printers will be on sale.

Here's the official blurb about the seminar:

As photographers I think we would all agree that one of the missing ingredients in completing our vision for an image is the final output.  Some of us work with color labs and are totally happy with that. However, most artists have always chosen to do it themselves; keeping a hand in the final product until it is delivered. Total print control with no excuses. A meet and greet will follow and Moab Paper swatch books will be available for all in attendance. If you are interested in profitability and control, make time to be with us.

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