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Back to School with Moab

With the hot weather we can't believe there's only about a month of summer left.  But this time of year also signals the back-to-school rush.  We wanted to contribute in some way so we've decided to take 15% off on all the Chinle Ice Nine portfolios and refill pages.

But there's more! (couldn't resist).  We're also blowing out the Chinle Leather v2 Digital Books (8x9 size only) for a whopping $19.95.  All the refill pages for these books are also 15% off.

No school kit would be complete without some means of storage for your prints - Our Economy Folios and Chinle Archival boxes are also 15% off.

Finally, protect your prints with our famous Desert Varnish Spray and Gel.  Yup, that's right, they're 15% off as well.

All these savings can be applied by entering the secret coupon code (BTS2010) in your shopping cart.  The discounts will be automatically applied.