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It's in the paper

Being in the business of working with a variety of outstanding photographers we are oftentimes stunned at the beautiful images printed on our paper.  The most remarkable experience is when the image and the paper become one - a sensory overload of look and feel.  Enter Mike James (aka the photographer) and Moenkopi Bizan (aka the paper).

"A picture is worth a thousand words, and I’ve uttered that phrase a few hundred times.  But, in this case, you may be asking “What’s so special about these nudes?”  Honestly.  It’s the paper.  Sometimes, serendipitously, you stumble across something so interesting, it changes your course.  Such was the case with this wonderful Japanese, handmade paper.  It’s so expensive, it takes your breath away.  But with the first test print, I was stunned by the beauty of it all.  The paper is thick and meaty, but the images lay on the silk surface with a wonderful delicacy appropriate for these nudes."

Here's a link to view Mike's gallery of nudes on Moab's Moenkopi Bizan.