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While there seem to be dozens and dozens of iPhone camera/photo apps, we found one that was a lot of fun.  Those of us over the age of 20 know that digital is great, but sometimes we miss the unpredictability of some “old school” toy cameras of the past.

Hipstamatic “brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty and fun” of some vintage cameras.  The app lets you choose your film, flash, and lens and leaves the rest up to you and the magic of light.  We had a blast using it and came up with some really interesting photos.

After you get something you like you can print photos on your favorite inkjet printer and get excellent results.  For one image, we used the Helga Viking Lenses, Kodot Verichrome film setting and no flash.  When we wanted that instant film feel, it took a finger swipe to change to the Ina’s 1969 filmsetting and got photos that look like all our parents’ photos from the 1970’s. 

Like all things digital, you get to shoot as much as you like and share only what looks best.  Being paper guys at heart, we can't wait to print them out and show them off.  (We still put the best ones up on the fridge.) 

When printing try Lasal Photo Luster for the traditional E surface and Lasal Photo Gloss when you want to bring back memories of your old Polaroid instant photos days.  Entrada Rag will provide you with images that will be completely unique because they just didn’t have a cotton media that would give you a fine art paper feel in 1969.  (Remember to set your iphone Hipstamatic images to high quality mode and then they will look great on a 4x6 sheet.)

Have fun.