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Project Tandem: Portraits of American Environmental Perceptions

In the fall of 2008 two photographers set out on bicycles to ride 11,000 miles around the United States with a singular mission: to investigate and share what everyday Americans really thought about the environment. Through interviews and portraits the resulting show, Project Tandem: Portraits of American Environmental Perceptions, attempts to immerse the viewer in a wide sampling of the current American community and their varied opinions, stories and perceptions of our local and global environmental climate.

Throughout the late 20th century much attention has been paid to the science of climate change and the debate over its existence. Polls are continually conducted asking if people are concerned about climate change and results are published providing little insight into the range of our true feelings as a country. Project Tandem turns the lens (and microphone) on our communities and the result is a staggering range of ideas, actions and opinions that, rather than polarizing the country seem somehow to unite us.

Join the Project Tandem team, Alan Winslow and Morrigan McCarthy as they give insight into their project and elaborate on the trials and tribulations of life on the road during their photographic sojourn across America. Attendees can expect to learn how to prepare for a long term, elaborate photographic project with both personal and communal significance. Special attention will be given to the aspect of using multimedia to inform the scope of the project by integrating subjects’ voices. This lecture is sure to inspire and stimulate everyone while providing a unique insight to important topics such as climate and American culture.

Project Tandem will be giving a presentation this Sunday at B&H Photo in New York. Register here for this free event.  They'll be showing printed portfolios using Chinle Ice Nine, Entrada Rag and Kayenta Photo Matte.